Crocheted Snowflake Card

October 31, 2007 at 6:54 am (Christmas card, crochet snowflake, simple crochet cards)

To make Snowflake:

Size 4.00mm crochet hook,
Cream cotton, 4 ply,
Gold thread.


1. Ch 6, Sl into first Ch, to make a ring.
2. Dc 15 times, Sl into first Dc, Ch 1, turn.
3. 2Dc into each of previous Dcs, (30sts), Sl into first Dc, Ch 1, turn.
4. *Dc 2, (Dc, Ch 5, Dc) into next Dc, rep from * 8 times, Dc 2, Sl into first Dc, bind off, leaving enough thread to attach the snowflake to the card.

After making the snowflake, it’s time to prepare the card.

Steel ruler,
Sharp craft knife,
Something circular big enough to fit your snowflake in,
Tapestry needle,
And a small amount of sticky tape.

Fist, cut the card to the size you need it, this depends on the size of your snowflake, then fold in half and score down the middle.

Place your circular item on the card where you want your snowflake to be, i.e, not necessarily in the centre. Draw around it, then carefully, with your craft knife, cut it out.

Push the tapestry needle into the card to make a small hole where you with thread your snowflake, once you have threaded the snowflake to the card, letting it dangle slightly,

then on the inside, use a small amount of sticky tape to hold the thread in place.

There you have it, decorate it, or leave it simple, the rest is up to you.


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