Knit-ochet Choker

November 22, 2007 at 6:30 am (crochet snowflake, free crochet pattern, free knitting pattern, jewellry, necklace)

For Pendant:


any 4 ply is fine, I used Wendy Peter Pan. needles

Cast on 20 sts
1. (WS) K
2. K8, K2tog twice, K8
3. P7, P2tog twice, P7
4. K6, K2tog twice, K6
5. K all sts
6. K5, K2tog twice, K5
7. P4, P2tog twice, P4
8. K3, K2tog, K3
9. K all sts
10. K2, K2tog twice, K2
11. P1, P2tog, P1
12. K2tog twice.

Leave rem 2 sts on a needle.

For choker


Again, any 4 ply is fine, I used the same yarn as the pendant.
size 4mm hook.

1. Ch 40
2. sk 1st ch, dc into the rest (39), ch1 and turn,
3. dc 19, join pendant by placing the 2 rem sts onto the hook, dc as normal, pulling yarn through all loops, dc 19.
4. Fasten off

Add beads to decorate and choker clasp at each end.


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