October 14, 2008 at 4:16 am (Uncategorized)

My son who is 5 years old is naturally a big fan of Transformers and after knitting one hat and didn’t like the way it turned out, decided to have a go at my own.


*2 balls of DK yarn in 2 contrasting colours, (eg I have used orange and green.)
One will be known as MC (main colour) and the other as CC (contrast colour).
* 5, 3.75mm DPN needles or if you prefer a short circular needle, but you’ll probably need the DPNs anyway when it comes to decreasing.
*Stitch marker
*Tapestry or wool needle.

Off we go!

Cast on 132 sts, and share them out evenly between 4 needles.
Being careful not to twist the sts, join in a round. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round and cont knitting for 6 rounds in MC.
Join CC and knit 2 rounds.
2 rounds in CC
2 rounds in MC

Commence “Transformer” chart with both colours being careful not to pull the yarns too tight.

Knit 2 rounds in MC
2 rounds in CC
2 rounds in MC
2 rounds in CC
Continue in CC as the main colour and MC as the contrast colour and work “Autobot” chart.

Knit 2 rounds in CC
2 rounds in MC
2rounds in CC and at the same time begin decreases as follows.

1st: K12, K2tog, rep til end
2nd and all alt rows: K all sts
(change to MC)
3rd: K11, K2tog, rep til end
5th: K10, K2tog, rep til end.

Continue in this way until you have 7 sts remaining.
Using a wool needle, gather these sts together and fasten tightly.

Weave in all ends.



  1. Andrew Craig Williams said,

    Your transformers hat ROCKS. I loved them as a kid (and still do).

    Just saw Ry Cooder on your profile. You get cooler every time I see you.

  2. Riggwelter said,


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