Crochet Little Slippers

November 6, 2007 at 4:15 am (free crochet pattern, slippers)

This pattern is for a size 6 UK, it’s a simple pattern so adaptable for other sizes.

Conversion Chart

Any DK yarn,
4mm crochet hook,
Removable stitch marker,
Wool/tapestry needle,
1 button.

14 ch X 16 rows per 4″ square across DC worked in a round.

Toe Shaping.

1. Ch 6
2. Dc all around (12 ch)Place a removable marker at end of round and move up on each round.
3. Inc 1 dc at each end of toe shaping (Dc 1, 2Dc in same ch, Dc 2, 2Dc in same chain, Dc 1) X 2 (16 ch)
4. Dc all around

Rep rounds 3 and 4 until you have 32 ch (or until the toe of your slipper comes to the base of your toes.

At end of this round, Dc 4, ch 1 and turn.

5. Dc 24 (i.e 4 from left upper, 16 of the sole and 4 from right upper. You will work back and forth on these 24 chains only until the sole reaches where your ankle and feet join, remembering to ch 1 before turning.


6. Inc 1 ch at each end of slipper, (26 ch)
7. Dc all
8. rep rows 6 and 7 once more (28 ch)

Begin Heel Shaping

9. Dc 9, Dc 2 tog, Dc 6, Dc 2 tog, Dc 9.
10. and alt rows, Dc all.
11. Dc 8, Dc 2 tog, Dc 6, Dc 2 tog, Dc 8.
13. Dc 7, Dc 2 tog, Dc 6, Dc 2 tog, Dc 7.
Cont. in this way until sides can be joined at the back when stretched slightly.

14, Turn back/heel inside-out and join seam with Sc.

Fasten off.

15. Join yarn at back of heel and Dc all around the slipper, join with first Dc with Sl St and fasten off.


From start of side shaping, join yarn and Dc 4 (working towards the back of slipper.

Dc back and forth ( ch 1 before turning) until strap is long enough to reach over the foot when slightly stretched.
Make button hole: Ch 4, Dc into last Dc and fasten off.

Add button to opposite side, weave in ends then start the next one, remembering to mirror the first.


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