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When my husband asked if I could make something to hold three remote controls I was sat at my knitting machine, tenderly giving her the once over. I thought it would be a good exercise for her and for my brain! I hadn’t had the machine out for a long time.

I ended up with this.


I used 1 strand of a natural coloured cotton and one strand of a beige chenille, (both are for knitting machine use) but knitted them together to give a firm fabric, so the loosest tension is best.

CO 40 sts.

K 20 rows

*Place 6 needles at each end into holding position (so only 28 needles are in working position) remember to change the carriage from N to H.

(use weights to keep tension in the fabric being knitted)

K60 rows.

Cast off the working sts and push flap to the back.

Change carriage from H to N

CO the centre sts again (all sts in working postion)

**K 70 rows.

Repeat from * to ** another two times.

K 10 rows and cast off.

Sew the gaps at base of each pocket, and sew edges.


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